Gallery “Vanda” presents a Solo Show of Vladimer (Lado) Asatiani – “Windows to Nature”

The series of landscapes presented at the exhibition is Author’s attempt to share with the viewer the limitless possibilities of fine art, to show, on the one hand, harmonious coexistence of incompatible features, and on the other, the need to observe, analyze and understand this process in order to achieve progress.
The author’s approach to fine art can be defined as the opposite of minimalism – maximalism. For Lado Asatiani, maximalism implies an integrated and individualized application of all knowledge and skills in art, in an attempt to merge them with the image of nature;
“Laws and rules are no stranger for art, they must be carefully studied, but not in order to blindly follow them, but in order to overcome and change them. One’s ability to set his own rules for his own art allows him to surpass himself in creativity and embark on a path of limitless exploration of new forms.”

Vladimer (Lado) Asatiani

Opening reception: Friday, February 3, 6:00 PM
Address: #14 Daniel Chonkadze street, Tbilisi
Tel: +995 032 293 42 86; +995 599 56 99 71

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