Vanda Art Gallery presents the exhibition “30 Year Journey,” commemorating the 30th anniversary of its establishment.

The featured artists in this exhibition constitute a small select group with whom the gallery has collaborated over the years, including Vakho Bugadze, Rita Khachaturian, Alim Rijinashvili, Kako Topuria, and Tutu Kiladze.

Originally founded in 1993 as the “Hobby” gallery, Vanda Art Gallery is among the pioneering private galleries in Georgia. Throughout the challenging period of the 90s, marked by darkness, inactivity, and institutional collapse, the gallery not only emerged as a new cultural player but also served as a beacon of hope, providing a platform for emerging artists to launch their careers and sustained the motivation of established ones.

Over the years, the gallery has collaborated with both leading, renowned artists and budding talents who have become prominent figures in Georgian modern art today. In that trying period, the gallery became a place that instilled faith in the future for many, its primary mission being the promotion of modern Georgian art and the development of the Georgian art market. Undeterred by historical challenges, the gallery has showcased Georgian artists in significant international art festivals and exhibitions, actively fostering collaborations with foreign authors and galleries while participating in new large-scale projects.

Today, Vanda Art Gallery stands as one of the most captivating destinations for art enthusiasts. The gallery consistently presents modern Georgian art and its evolving processes to our society and foreign guests in an engaging manner.

As Art Gallery Vanda progresses, stay tuned for interesting updates and impressive exhibitions that highlight the vibrancy and creativity of Georgian contemporary art!

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