On April 5th at 19:00, Vanda Art Gallery will host the solo exhibition of Alexander Varvaridze “Dual World.”

Showcasing a collection of large-scale abstract and figurative paintings spanning different periods, the exhibition is unified by a concept echoing the principle of material world dualism.

Alexander Varvaridze’s primary focus lies in abstract painting, where figurative elements often emerge. In his figurative compositions, the artist departs from realism through an abstract interpretation of form, thus crafting a distinct expressionist image. His nonfigurative pieces boast a vibrant and resonant color palette, emanating a serene energy.

Within Alexander Varvaridze’s works, the intuitive and unrestricted application of paint, coupled with the layering of surfaces using diverse textures and additional mediums, conjure an illusory realm delicately balancing between emotional tension and harmony.

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