Art Gallery “VANDA” presents  Solo Show of Giorgi Gagnidze

On September 18, The first personal exhibition of Giorgi Gagnidze will be opened at the Art Gallery Vanda.

For the first time, the public will be given the opportunity to get acquainted with the diverse and distinctive creations of the young artist.
Giorgi Gagnidze has been an active participant in the ongoing processes on the Georgian art scene for several years, his work in the field of art and design is productive and very impressive.

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Kakhaber Tatishvili – ABSTRACTION

Gallery “Vanda” presents Kakhaber Tatishvili’s Solo Show “Abstraction” There were presented Artist’s completely new, experimental works, large-format abstracts that were available for viewing at the opening evening on Tuesday, February 4th, at 7:00PM and during next ten days. […]

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Irakli Toklikishvili – INTERVALS

On December 3rd, 2019, Irakli Toklikishvili’s Solo Show INTERVALS was presented at the gallery “Vanda”.One part of the series presented at the exhibition “Intervals” is created in the technique of Mezzotint, the second one – in mixed media (gouache / watercolor).Unifying elements of the artworks are sensations caused by, at first sight, insignificant, maybe even […]

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Alex Berdysheff’s Solo Show “PERIMETER”

Gallery “Vanda”presents Alex Berdysheff’s Solo Show “PERIMETER” “My work often comes as series. So it is in this case. There are several in this show, each series creates a “shape”, where a concept is the “boundary”. So, I called all that Perimeter, as it’s something that surrounds a shape. Besides, Geometry itself, with all its […]

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