One gets a wonderful feeling of freedom when they find the way to express their relationship with the universe by means of the creative work.

The exhibition POST TENEBRAS (Lat. After Darkness) is one stage of the lengthy project – CONTACT, It is dedicated to the mystical planet Earth, where everything is alive in the permanent process of genesis and evolution.

These works are a reminder that the existence and richness of our planet depend on the responsibility of each and every one of us.
The exhibition is an attempt to explain the human role and the circumstances currently taking place on the Earth that could have led to the long and disturbing pandemic of the 21st century.

The materials used in the works: semi-precious pigment powder (copper, silver, bronze), various sea, ocean, river (Ganges) sands, all the minerals that our planet Earth grants to us.

Various objects created for the project are assembled from up-cycled materials with different functions, which this time creates a completely new life.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 17, 6:00PM
Address: #14 Daniel Chonkadze street;
Tel: (+995) 32 2934286; (+995) 599 569971; (+995) 598 485958

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