Tinatin Chkhikvishvili “House with Blue Room and a Garden”


Gallery VANDA presents Tinatin Chkhikvishvili’s Solo Show “House with Blue Room and a Garden”. The whole exhibition is made up of paintings created with oil paint on canvas. Twenty-seven small and middle sized paintings from different series are brought together here, at one space.

“There was no planned common topic at all in the beginning, it just slowly appeared in the working process, gradually revealed links within the stories and created the overall mood. I’ve got the special, very private attitude towards the spaces and subjects that are represented in my paintings – towards studio, the room, that I live in and a garden with flowers too. The details are represented separately in the pieces, specifically for building closer ties to them. I wanted to show to others and to myself as well the enviroment that I live in and that I love so much.” – Tinatin Chkhikvishvili