temo machavariani

Temo Machavariani

Date and place of birth:

1944, Tbilisi, Georgia



1969-1975 – Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Faculty of Fine Art, Georgia

1978-1981 – Art school at Tbilisi State Academy of Art





Solo exhibitions:

2017 – Chardin Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

2002 – Gallery “TMS”, Tbilisi, Georgia

1998 -Gallery “Vernisage” Tbilisi, Georgia

1992 – Club “Kazbegi”, Tbilisi, Georgia

1996 -Tbilisi State University, Georgia


Group exhibitions:

2010 – “I love Tbilisi,” Tbilisi, Georgia

2009 – “Tbilisi in May”, Tbilisi History Museum “Karvasla”, Georgia

2008 – Exhibition of Georgian Artists, London, Great Britain

2006 – Georgian visual Art, Yerevan, Armenia

2004 – III Art Exhibition-Auction, Tbilisi, Georgia

2004 – Exhibition-Auction of 23 Georgian Artists, London, Great Britain

2003 – II Art Exhibition-Auction, Tbilisi, Georgia

1990 – Georgian Artists Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain

1979 – Young Georgian Artists Exhibitions from Art Schools, Moscow, Russia


Works held at:

National Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

Private collections/USA, France, Great Britain/

Rene Bruazo (Center of Pompidou) and Anri Duare collections