Art Gallery VANDA presents Solo Exhibition of Tengiz Marr.

The exhibition will feature works created by the artist over the past two years.

Marr holds a special place in Georgian art. His works combine the hyper-realist style and the effect of a convincing illusion with the poetics and intimacy of Dutch still lifes.
The rationalism, distinctly mathematical order and expressiveness of lines is to be attributed to his individual vision and, to some extent, to his professional architectural background. The synthesis of rationalism and poetics veils seemingly commonplace objects in mystery. His ingenious compositions of various objects and plants set against a neutral background and illuminated with scattered light that conveys a sensation of realness are, in fact, much more than merely aesthetic still lifes. The objects in many of his compositions may seem at first sight formally or conceptually incongruous. These are the thoughts his paintings may raise, along with conveying strong aesthetic emotions. One may interpret this as the artist’s intent to make the viewer contemplate on how different individuals and opinions may co-exist.

Opening: Friday, October 7, 6PM
Address: #14 Daniel Chonkadze street, Tbilisi, Georgia, 0105
Tel: +995599569971; +995598485958; +995 032 2934286

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