Solo Show of Maka Cielecka

Art Gallery “Vanda” invites you to the Solo Show of polish artist Maka Cielecka.
Maka studied Graphic Design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. She worked as a graphic designer in Canada and in Holland.
She came to Tbilisi with her dyplomat husband in 2005. Over four and a half years spent in Georgia, she learned how to weave under the tutelage of Maia Tsinamdzgvrisgvili. It was her first encounter with the art of fabric and it became a passion.
In 2009 Maka and her husband Guillaume Siemienski went to Haiti, where he worked for UN Peace Keeping Mission.
Soon after, on the 12th of January 2010, Guillaume died in the massive earthquake which struck Haiti. Maka decided to return to Poland – her country of origin and continued to weave. Her connection with Georgia never ceased and she visited Tbilisi regularly over last few years.
This current exhibition of Tapestries is a return to the source, so to speak – she brings back to Tbilisi what she learned here.
There is no coincidence in the fact, that along with tapestries she decided to show for the first time ever her massive drawings of the earthquake. The meditative quaility of weaving and nature as a main subject helped her to overcome the trauma and she owes it to a great degree to her Georgian Friends.