Art Gallery “Vanda” presents Solo Show of Shako Khrikuli – “Good Boy”, where his paintings and graphical artworks created in the last year will be presented.

One of the main goals of our gallery is to discover young, talented artists, promote them and present them to the wider public. With this exhibition, we want to introduce you to an artist who, despite his young age, already has his own unique style, an extraordinary sense of color, an interesting vision and high professionalism. After a rather long break, Shako Khrikuli returned to painting, which completely absorbed him, helped him find himself and changed his life.

“I’ll be a good boy…
I will get up early in the morning on 7th of April, until the evening I will think how good it is that I have an exhibition.
I will trust everyone who wants me well. I will be proud of my past, but it will be in the past already…
I’ll be a good boy…
I was obedient when painting what you’re looking at, I trusted my surroundings and the process. Let’s see how convincing I’ll be and how much you’ll believe me…”

Shako Khrikuli

Opening: Friday, April 7, 6pm
Address: #14 Daniel Chonkadze street, Tbilisi, 0105
Tel: +995599569971; +995598485958

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