Paata Merabishvili, sculptor and designer, belongs to the generation of Georgian artists who started their creative work in the 90s.
Due to various circumstances, after graduating from the Tbilisi State Art Academy, Paata continued his work outside of Georgia, where he soon gained recognition.
Paata Merabishvili has taken part in many international exhibitions or symposiums, and his works are preserved in various important collections around the world.
It is gratifying that after many years Paata the sculptor returned to Georgia and presented himself to our society for the first time with an exhibition where his varied and exciting creations are presented.
A clear and unique line in Paata Merabishvili’s works is expressed in synthesis of traditions and novelty. National traditions are closely intertwined with the best achievements of modernist plastic art.
Based on the deep knowledge of culture, technologies and materials of the world art, the sculptor creates his own, diverse artistic world. Being a successor of traditions, he masterfully brings together various artistic trends, which serve the basis for the sculptor’s own creative method.
Despite the abstract style characteristic of Paata Maerabishvbili’s works, his sculptures still remain within the context of figurative art. The works of the artist are distinguished by intensive search of daring experiments and plastic expressiveness. Paata Merabishvili uses the method of deformation of form and body, through which he creates new, modern and unique artistic images.
Paata Merabishvili sets a high value on color, which he boldly uses in his works. Light, monochromatic and sated colors enable the viewers to feel their plastic features, dynamics, expressiveness and rhythm.
Paata Merabishvili views himself as a sculptor in the first place, although he devotes much time to painting, graphic art and collage.
Paintings and collages of the sculptor are tremendously emotional, dynamic and sonorous which then live on in his sculptures.
For Paata Merabishvili, being a sculptor is “the inner state of perception of everything in the space, where even the thought itself has volume and color”.
Transferring these thoughts to the plane or space is the expression of his aesthetic perception of the world.

Opening: Friday, May 5th, 6:00 pm.
Address: Tbilisi, #14 Daniel Chonqadze street, 0105
Tel: +995599569971; +995598485958

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