Nino Peradze

Date of Birth:


1975-1981 Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Art, Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Faculty of Design.

The Faculty of Graphic Arts.

1984 Animation filmmaking courses at Russian State Institute of  Cinematography (VGIK), Moscow, Russia.

  Personal Exhibitions

1986   Cinema House, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1993   Gallery “Sisauri”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1995   Gallery “Orient”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1996   Gallery “Mervede Hospital”, Dordrecht, Netherlands.

1997   Gallery “Hobby”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1998   Gallery “Karvasla”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1998   Ateneo de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

1999   Gallery “Merwede Hospital”, Dordrecht, Netherlands.

2001   Gallery “Karvasla”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2002   Gallery “TMS”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2003   UN House, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2003   Millitary Museum Hasan Riza, Istambul, Turkey.

2004   Gallery “TMS”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2007   ProCredit  Bank, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2009   Gallery “Shardin” – Tbilisi,Georgia

2011   Gallery “Vanda” – Tbilisi, Georgia.

2012   Gallery “Vanda” – “Christmas variations”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2013   Gallery “Vanda” – “Garden of inspiration”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2014   Gallery “Kino” Moscow, Russia.

2015   Gallery “Vernissage“ – “Alilo”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2016   Gallery “Baia”- “Love messages”, Tbilisi, Georgia.


1997   Grafic Worken Study Centre, Netherlands.

2005 Workshops at International Center of Graphics, Fras Mazerel Centrum, Belgum

2003 Workshop of the International Center of Graphics, Moscow Studio

1998-2000 Workshops of Graphic’s Studio, Dordrecht, Netherlands

1994 International Artplener of Hamburg Group Artists Kobalt at Liezen

1993 International Artplener at south Estonia

1986-1991 International Workshops at the Senez House of Artists


1986-1988   The winner of the scholarship of the Artist’s Union of USSR.

1984   Art designer’s prize for the animation film “Portrait” at the international festival in Kiev.

In 1990-s was awarded prizes at International Biennials in Krakow, Tallin, Kaliningrad.

The special prize of the Union of Artists of Georgia: the Best Painter in Graphic  Arts.

Participated in numerous group exhibitions and has had 23 personal exhibitions in Tbilisi and abroad.

Her works have been acquired by the Oriental Museum of Moscow, Museum of Art of Georgia, and numerous private collections in Georgia, germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Turkey, Poland, Norway, Hungary, Greek, Slovakia, Russia, Estonia and Japan.