Kote Jincharadze – MECHANISMS

Kote Jincharadze’s Solo Show “Mechanisms” was held on April 19, 2019 at Art Gallery “Vanda”.

Throughout history of mankind, men have been creating and inventing mechanisms – from primitive wooden mechanical pieces to modern digital technologies. These inventions – products of human intellect and thought – served progress and development. Over the centuries, many talented people around the world have dedicated their work to the introduction and implementation of innovative ideas in their respective fields but only few have succeeded. Their names are universally known and their inventions and achievements have become pillars on which the development of contemporary exact sciences is being forged. The main theme of the works presented at the exhibition is built around the notion of invention, emphasizing inventions of particular epochs that have transformed people’s lives and society. Significant inventions – from fire-making devices of primitive man all the way to most complicated modern mechanisms – represented in paintings and graphic works of minimalist type make us recall those familiar and strange devices, equipment, items and things. The retrospective presented in this particular form will once again remind us of creators and authors of those inventions, at the same time encouraging viewers to think, analyze and judge.