Kakhi Eradze – Objects

Kakhi Eradze Poster

Art Gallery VANDA invites you to Solo Show of Kakhi Eradze – OBJECTS
Metal mesh – a contemporary ornament, morphed in time and space. The transparent sculptures & objects which will be presented at the exhibition evoke a sense of space in the viewer, while also hinting at a parallel metaphysical world. Sculpture, in this innovative material and form, seems to breathe and give a sense of life. “Communicative Telepathy” is the artist’s inspiration and concept – a form of communication without words, which, sometimes, may be more important than the words themselves. Between the wall and the sculpture lies a sort of metaphysical thread, one between the real and fictitious. A world beyond actions – one with humans and animals alike, one that gives thought to the nature of man. The likeness, sometimes, is so uncanny that the lines between them become blurred. You realize, at this point, that communication without words is possible in a nearby world that still exists in its primacy. We see man, but we do not look inside, whereas a dog can feel and empathize with the slightest pain of its owner – this form of communication is organic to nature, there is no need for words, complex syntaxes or the exchange of philosophical ideas, a slightest signal is enough for all to be clear.

The exhibition opens on Friday, October 16, 5:00PM – 9:00PM

According to WHO regulations, visitors to the gallery will be allowed gradually in small groups up to 7 people. Also, using a face mask and keeping a social distance is a must.

Other recommendations and guidelines developed by the Ministry of Health will be fully followed by the Gallery.