Irina Kurtishvili – “TB Confidential”


Gallery “Vanda” presents Irina Kurtishvili’s Solo Show TB CONFIDENTIAL. The Opening will be held on Tuesday, October 22, at 7PM.

The exhibition brings together works created on the theme of Tbilisi over the past 3 decades, that include different Art genres and directions – Graphics, Illustration, Collage, Photography – they all appear right here, in the process of gathering and grouping together. The scenic sketches of Irina are among them, as well as Storyboards. These works are considered as The Whole, though they are created at different times and in different places. It should be noted that the exhibition TB CONFIDENTIAL also recalls the recent curatorial and interdisciplinary exhibition projects of the Author, implemented in Tbilisi, Frankfurt, Berlin and Vienna.

The Artist is interested in the process, that she calls The Connection of Times – the whole process, not it’s separate fragments. The action in her works evolves simultaneously in two dimensions of time – the present and past. The graphic series based on Joseph Grishashvili’s famous literary work “Bohemia of Old Tbilisi”, that are created in 1989 are presented at the exhibition. The Artist uses Old Town’s history in a humorous manner; She works on city topics, explores Tbilisi’s lifestyles and traditions, collects photo material that she later uses in works. One of the topics is general destructive situation in 1980’s Tbilisi and the civil war. Original photographs are used in these series;

Irina Kurtishvili has been living and working as an artist, curator and scenographer in Germany and Georgia since 1994. She has authored numerous film screenings and exhibitions, including Architectural format projects. These projects are characterized by their artistic, historical, political and sociological perspectives.

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The Exhibition will last till 3rd of November, 2019