On November 17, at 18:00, the exhibition of Ira Lavrinenko – “Variations” will be opened at Vanda Art gallery.

Fabric, texture, color – this is a small list of what these materials represents for Ira Lavrinenko as a means of self-expression, self-realization, meditation.
Her works are amazingly sophisticated and resonant, the artist uses the full potential of textiles and turns them into extraordinary decorative panels, which in their expressiveness are equal to paintings.

“This is what I devoted half of my life to. That is the thing which will remain a small and modest trace of my existence.
A story might start with an ordinary, tiny piece of cloth that somehow catches your eye, we like it and it gives us a passion to create a new work. That is what happens often…
Then one is followed by another, another by a third – this repetitive process colours our existence, calms us down. Along with the therapeutic effect of work, it also beautifies our interior, finds satisfied viewers, pushes us to do better and helps us to generate the new ideas.
Artworks presented in this exposition started with one small detail, around which the composition, story, history developed. Nothing was predetermined, the impulse did not come from the idea, the material itself gave a signal, which I followed and created these works.”
– Ira Lavrinenko

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