Solo Show of Mamuka Tsutskiridze

Gallery VANDA presents Solo Show of Mamuka Tsutskiridze. The exhibition showcases more than 30 paintings and graphics created by the artist, that will be available for viewing on the opening evening at 7:00PM on Friday, February 28th. Exhibition will last for 2 weeks. […]

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Kakhaber Tatishvili – ABSTRACTION

Gallery “Vanda” presents Kakhaber Tatishvili’s Solo Show “Abstraction” There were presented Artist’s completely new, experimental works, large-format abstracts that were available for viewing at the opening evening on Tuesday, February 4th, at 7:00PM and during next ten days. […]

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Irakli Toklikishvili – INTERVALS

On December 3rd, 2019, Irakli Toklikishvili’s Solo Show INTERVALS was presented at the gallery “Vanda”.One part of the series presented at the exhibition “Intervals” is created in the technique of Mezzotint, the second one – in mixed media (gouache / watercolor).Unifying elements of the artworks are sensations caused by, at first sight, insignificant, maybe even […]

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Alex Berdysheff’s Solo Show “PERIMETER”

Gallery “Vanda”presents Alex Berdysheff’s Solo Show “PERIMETER” “My work often comes as series. So it is in this case. There are several in this show, each series creates a “shape”, where a concept is the “boundary”. So, I called all that Perimeter, as it’s something that surrounds a shape. Besides, Geometry itself, with all its […]

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Irina Kurtishvili – “TB Confidential”

Gallery “Vanda” presents Irina Kurtishvili’s Solo Show TB CONFIDENTIAL. The Opening will be held on Tuesday, October 22, at 7PM. The exhibition brings together works created on the theme of Tbilisi over the past 3 decades, that include different Art genres and directions – Graphics, Illustration, Collage, Photography – they all appear right here, in […]

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Tinatin Chkhikvishvili “House with Blue Room and a Garden”

Gallery VANDA presents Tinatin Chkhikvishvili’s Solo Show “House with Blue Room and a Garden”. The whole exhibition is made up of paintings created with oil paint on canvas. Twenty-seven small and middle sized paintings from different series are brought together here, at one space. “There was no planned common topic at all in the beginning, […]

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Anton Balanchivadze #Me.Desert

Gallery VANDA presents Anton Balanchivadze’s personal show #Me.Desert Exhibition was entirely made up of small miniatures created by artist with oil paint, pastel, acrylic, canvas and cardboard. The amount of miniatures was quite impressive: you could find more than 100 small paintings on the walls of the gallery. The Exhibition was held on June 2nd, […]

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Kote Jincharadze – MECHANISMS

Kote Jincharadze’s Solo Show “Mechanisms” was held on April 19, 2019 at Art Gallery “Vanda”. Throughout history of mankind, men have been creating and inventing mechanisms – from primitive wooden mechanical pieces to modern digital technologies. These inventions – products of human intellect and thought – served progress and development. Over the centuries, many talented […]

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Maia Sakvarelidze’s Personal Exhibition

On 16th of October, Gallery “Vanda” presented new exhibition – Maia Sakvarelidze’s Solo Show. Despite of that there were only seventeen artworks presented at this exhibition, colorfullness and multitude of unusual details made it very interesting for the visitors to explore each painting – not just see them, but also feel the Art. Exhibition lasted […]

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