On June 14-27, Vanda Gallery will host Gela Zautashvili’s exhibition BIG GAME
Gela Zautashvili’s name is associated with the first exhibitions of abstractionism in the second half of the eighties in Paris and Moscow, the formation of a non-figurative art group with Gia Edzgveradze, Iliko Zautashvili and Luka Lasareishvili.
His works are kept in the Georgian National Gallery, Moscow State Tretyakov Gallery, private collections in Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, France, Switzerland.
The exhibition “Big Game” includes 55 paintings created by Gela Zautashvili in Austria 20 years ago, and today is exhibited for the first time in Georgia.

These are the cards with portraits of famous people (politicians, scientists, philosophers, writers, actors, artists and other prominent public figures).

“The so-called new art is a game,” says Gela Zautashvili. “I do not know who started this game: maybe it was started by Picasso or Marcel Duchamp.”
“In the beginning there was a word … Word is one of the first serious games, as well as the game of cards, on which this project was based.
Materialists + Idealists – is my subjective game, which started 23 years ago and ended 20 years ago … ”
– Gela Zautashvili

Opening Reception will be held on Tuesday, June 14, from 6:00 PM.
Address: #14 D. Chonkadze street, Sololaki, Tbilisi
Tel: (+032) 2934286, (+995) 599569971, (+995) 598485958

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