On Friday, June 23, at 6 PM, Art Gallery “Vanda” will be hosting the exhibition “Serious Conversation” presenting the works of a prominent artist Alim Rijinashvili.

Alim Rijinashvili is well known in Georgia as a unique and distinctive graphic artist who immigrated to Germany in 1990 and settled down in Berlin, where he gained instant recognition.

Alim Rijinashvili’s artistic biography counts numerous personal and group exhibitions in Germany and many other cities worldwide – Tokyo, Moscow, Rome, Tel-Aviv, Bern, Madrid and certainly, Tbilisi, which he never forgot. The years spent in immigration as well as in Georgia, were immensely fruitful. He created a vast number of works in graphic and pictorial art, installations and collages. His art has always been distinguished by being innovative, bold and provocative.

The visitors will see the artworks of the artist for the first time, which he created during the last decade of his life.

The last period of Alim’s works is full of surreal characters engaged in phantasmagorical actions, where the bodies of humans and animals are entwined in the chaos of life, where they inflict pain, bring joy to each other or cause disappointment. There is not a single unambiguous figure in these works – they are all associative. The color scale is especially fascinating, which is mainly monochromatic but at the same time bold and unpredictable. The range of his artistic scale is broad: starting from design, collage, construction, calligraphic art to pure abstraction. He carries out experiments on different textures, revealing the interaction of materials, colors and forms by using the whole complex of technical means – from acrylic to glue.

Alim Rijinashvili passed away in Berlin in 2014.

The works of this great master are displayed in the world’s prestigious museums or are part of private collections.

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